Happy Thanksgiving and welcome back to the GTJ blog, and our on-going conversation about the exciting world of professional commercial, film and television acting technique.  We strongly recommend that you listen and enjoy our podcast series to hear the GTJ authors chatting about both the industry and the purpose behind the creation of the GTJ 2-CD set.  Many of our posts will be related to expertise, because of how important it is that the advice you get regarding our profession comes from an intelligent and current source.

We cannot stress expertise enough in our quest to assist you with your career.  The actor/performer aspect of the entertainment industry is hands down the least accurately educated profession of any in our country.  If you think it really doesn’t matter because, well, it is just “luck” or it is a “lottery ticket” industry, or whatever your reason, we need to be sure and remind you… yes it does matter.  The old cliché holds true: Knowledge is power!  The more you know, and in acting, the more you know from trusted sources—it is an absolute advantage.  We have more than 50 years of Los Angeles knowledge that span 4 decades.  We encourage you to make reading our blog a monthly habit.

Have a great remainder of the Holiday season.