GTJ Podcast #3: Training and Choosing Teacher

While studying and training is usually a given in terms of philosophy, the truth is most actors don’t spend much time or research on the paramount decision. Kevin and Carolyne discuss not only various types of training but many of the errors actors typically make when choosing an instructor. The invaluable insight offered by our […]

The More You Know…

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome back to the GTJ blog, and our on-going conversation about the exciting world of professional commercial, film and television acting technique.  We strongly recommend that you listen and enjoy our podcast series to hear the GTJ authors chatting about both the industry and the purpose behind the creation of the GTJ […]

Welcome to the <i>Getting The Job</i> Blog

Welcome to The Actor’s Guide to GETTING THE JOB blog. We are so happy you found us! As it is with our 2 disc audio set, this blog is here to help increase your booking rate and expand your knowledge, awareness and understanding of the commercial and theatrical acting world. From this point forward we […]